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This whimsical, colorful, and eclectic art gallery is located in the historic Berry House in the picturesque town of Geneva, Illinois. Verve on Third transports visitors to a world where color is king and the unique vision of 175 artists such as Sticks, Motawi Tile, and Story People fill the space. From hand-painted furniture to flying fairies to hand-blown glass and much more, each original work of art is handmade in North America.

The owners, Sharon and Jeff Liberman, live in Geneva and started Verve on Third 10 years ago. After traveling together for over 30 years, Sharon and Jeff wanted to create a space reflecting their appreciation for the visual art that is made in every region of the country.

Verve on Third was first located in the building where the Geneva Historical Society now stands. After relocating four times throughout downtown Geneva, Verve on Third is now located at 227 S. Third Street inside the Berry House.

Each unique gift or piece of art purchased from Verve on Third will make you smile and feel happy for years to come.

Featured Artists

At Verve on Third, we pride ourselves on having a huge selection of North American artists in stock at all times. At our Geneva, IL location, we currently have over 175 artists represented. Our online store showcases 29 of those artists and will continue to expand, so make sure to visit frequently.

Looking for an artist or piece not listed here? We are able to special order from many different artists including ones we currently don’t stock. We are also able to arrange for pieces to be sent from our sister location in Lake Geneva, WI like the popular Sid Dickens plaques.
Call the Geneva, IL store at (630) 845-1399 for more details.

Selection of Verve on Third Artists

Underlined artists are currently available for purchase in our online store and in our location in Geneva, IL. Click to read more about each artist before browsing their art in our online store. The non-underlined artists are a sample of some of the artists we carry exclusively at our Geneva, IL store.

Browse by Medium

Sticks: Sticks
Furniture: David Marsh, Shoestring Creations, Lara Moore, Sticks
Clay: Motawi Tile, Coleman Ceramics, Bill Campbell Pottery, Loren Lukens, Gretchen Kramp, Xenia Taler, Michael Cohen, Eartha Parran Collery, Cascadia Stoneware, Michael Harvey
Glass: Andrea Brody, Thorn Ridge Studios, Nina Cambron Nightlights, Kendall Art Glass Studio, Glass Art Nightlights, Fire Island Glass, Kurt McVay
Jewelry: Dotti Potts, Tambra Collette, Jo La Collage, Holly Yashi, Island Cowgirl, Kathy Bransfield, Roggio Silversmith, Watchcraft Watches, Desert Heart, Kevin N Anna, Is Art, Whitney Designs, Anne Hellman
Fine Art: Ford Smith, Jeff Laibson
Wall Art: Metallic Evolution, Allen Studio Clocks, Bella Bella, Spiritiles, Sonya Paz, Royal Miree
Whimsy: StoryPeople, Yard Birds, Buddha Boards, Wild Women Prints, Coloring Books for Flower Children, Sarena Mann Studios, Paul Strauch Studios, Leandra Drumm


The whimsy and creativity of Sticks is the creation of Sara Grant, an artist from Des Moines, IA. The Sticks line of products includes furniture, accessories and sculptural art. Each piece of Sticks is an original.
Browse Sticks artwork on the Verve on Third Online Store »

David Marsh

David Marsh designs, builds and paints sustainable pine and recycled wood furniture in a uniquely delightful “Marsh style.” Working in his Texas studio with a committed team of fellow craftsmen each piece is meticulously crafted and finished.
Browse David Marsh artwork on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Shoestring Creations

Ralph Garrett, who once worked with his cousin, mentor and friend David Marsh, then went on to establish his own unique, eclectic look that’s embellished by his vivid imagination. Each piece is built from scratch by this earth friendly company, minimizing waste and employing water-based paints and lacquers.
Browse Shoestring Creations artwork on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Coleman Ceramics

Ed and Kate Coleman Ceramics is collaboration between two artists — separate people with ideas that merge. Each new piece begins as one person’s idea, yet the finished design holds the creative spirit of both of them. Ed and Kate are inspired by nature’s plants, landscapes, and wildlife.
Browse Coleman Ceramics on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Bill Campbell Pottery |

Bill Campbell has been a potter for over 30 years. His porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms… each piece maintaining some of the energy of its creator.
Browse Bill Campbell Pottery the Verve on Third Online Store »

Loren Lukens

Loren Lukens porcelain pottery is for functional use on the table or aesthetic use on the wall. His pieces are extensions of traditional pottery with contemporary variations. They are strong, sleek and sculptural with a bold painterly surface and rich glaze treatment.
Browse Loren Lukens on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Andrea Brody

Mosaic artist and jeweler, Andrea Brody creates one of a kind mosaics and is currently residing in Florence, Italy working on a jewelry line.
Browse Andrea Brody on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Thorn Ridge Studios

Located in southeast Ohio, Henry Levine mission is to create well-designed vessels that functional, beautiful and affordable. Inspired by ancient roman glass, he strives for his pieces to be balanced in color, pattern and shape.
Browse Thorn Ridge Studios on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Nina Cambron Nightlights

Nina Cambron is known throughout the art community as an innovator in fused glass. Her fused glass nightlights, available here on, are made from the finest Bullseye glass. Each nightlight is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted abstract design.
Browse Nina Cambron Nightlights on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Kendall Art Glass Studio

Family owned glass art studio located in SW Oregon. Handcrafted glass nightlights sold on are made by the sons, Spencer & Ben Kendall.
Browse Kendall Art Glass Studio on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Glass Art Nightlights

Glass Art Design by Karen Daniel is a family run company from Holland, MI that uses fused glass to create whimsical, colorful nightlights.
Browse Glass Art Nightlights on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Dotti Potts

Dotti Potts is a home-based business owned by husband and wife team Sandra & Gavin Silberman. Sandra started creating in clay in South Africa 1993, even then, her pots were decorated with lots of dots. Dots adorn almost everything she creates. Her fetish with dots made her decision in calling her business Dotti Potts. On, we feature Dotti Potts’ pendants in many styles.
Browse Dotti Potts on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Tambra Collette

Tambra Collette creates fine handcrafted jewelry that blends styles of traditional elegance and contemporary flair resulting in designs that exude a feminine, classic look with cutting edge style and incredible day-to-evening versatility.
Browse Tambra Collette on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Jo La Collage |

Created by Ellen Kelly, Jo-la-collage jewelry combines sterling silver with mixed metals and beads.
Browse Jo La Collage on the Verve on Third Online Store »


Holly Yashi

A profusion of colorful and imaginative jewelry created and designed by Holly Yashi. Holly is known for her use of the feather-light and extremely strong metal, Niobium but she also Sterling Silver and Goldfill in her collections. Each piece is an original work of art, crafted by hand in Northern California.
Browse Holly Yashi on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Ford Smith

Ford Smith creates vibrantly colored landscapes that incorporate mosaics and abstract reflections. He lets layers of paint – acrylics on canvas – drip and flow, just letting things happen. Often, he’ll embellish the canvas with plaster granules scattered across the wet surface as color and texture are forced to intersect.
Browse Ford Smith on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Jeff Laibson

Jeff Laibson is a renowned composer; a musician who has performed all over the world. Just as with jazz and much of contemporary musical composition, the images he paints also are of an improvisational nature, inspired by his music whose styles range from jazz to classical, ethnic to rock.  The materials used in the paintings are acrylic (and/or oil) paint, watercolor, dyes and charcoal on paper, canvas, drumheads, wood and primed material.
Browse Jeff Laibson on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Motawi Tile

Since 1992, the artisans at Motawi Tileworks have hand crafted art tile in their Ann Arbor, Michigan studio. These distinctive tiles are known for their rich glazes and uniquely American designs, inspired by nature, art and architecture.
Browse Motawi Tile on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Metallic Evolution

Small progressive company that is changing the face of metal art and is based on the philosophy of minimalism. Each handmade piece has a distinctive style and clean lines. At, we feature their outdoor uncoated metal pieces.
Browse Metallic Evolution on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Allen Studio Clocks

Unique and whimsical clocks designed by Michelle Allen.  Each clock is wonderfully detailed, full of color and personality.
Browse Allen Studio Clocks on the Verve on Third Online Store »


Bella Bella

Bella Bella Arts is the studio of artist Lara Moore, located in Bloomington, IN. Every piece is made by hand, to order, and all pieces are protected with a thick glossy resin finish for easy care and cleaning.
Browse Bella Bella on the Verve on Third Online Store »


Spiritiles are molten glass on copper art collectibles, created by Houston Lew, that capture the spirit of the enlightened moment Handcrafted in the U.S.A., Spiritiles bring luminous imagery to life and share timeless ideas on their golden sides.
Browse Spiritiles on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Royal Miree

Royal Miree is an acrylic and watercolor painter who is inspired by the study of movement and dance. Royal works out of his studio in Birmingham, Alabama.
Browse Royal Miree on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Sonya Paz |

Bold shapes, vibrant colors and whimsical style are the trademarks of Sonya Paz. Her images are a reflection of her California roots.
Browse Sonya Paz on the Verve on Third Online Store »


Started by Brian Andreas in 1993, StoryPeople is a collaborative art company that produces contemporary craft products centered on stories and storytelling. StoryPeople products include books, furniture, sculpture and prints.
Browse StoryPeople on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Yard Birds

Rich Kolb and his father started Yardbird in August 1991 in Jamestown, KY. Today Kolb handcrafts the metal animals Louisville, KY. The pieces range from birds, critters, dogs and cats. Yardbird maintains the tradition of creating new and exciting pieces each year.
Browse Yard Birds on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Buddha Boards

Based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind – ready to create a whole new masterpiece.
Browse Buddha Boards on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Wild Women Prints |

“Girls at any age seeking to live with volume & verve, to be outrageous & offkey, mismatched & mischievous, Are you a Wild one?” Artist – Pam Reinke
Browse Wild Women Prints on the Verve on Third Online Store »


Coloring Books for Flower Children 

Tracy Dove created a coloring book for the hippie inside all of us.
Browse Coloring Books for Flower Children on the Verve on Third Online Store »


Sarena Mann Studios |

The fun and spirit-filled flying women of Air Craft created by Sarena Mann. They are whimsical, colorful, flighty figures that hang anywhere and lighten the load. Made from wire, paper, fabric, paste and patience, they each have their own identity.
Browse Sarena Mann Studios on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Paul Strauch Studios |

Paul Strauch’s inspiration for unique, interesting doorbells came when he couldn’t find one for himself. Each doorbell is hand cast in bronze. Time and weather take a creative role as each doorbell develops its own rich patina.
Browse Paul Strauch Studios on the Verve on Third Online Store »

Leandra Drumm

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Leandra is the daughter of two well-known artists, Don and Lisa Drumm. The whimsical figures and symbols decorating her pewter collections illustrate her wonderful world of stars, whirligigs and sky-rockets. Her artwork combines storytelling with a marvelous sense of humor and functionality.
Browse Leandra Drumm on the Verve on Third Online Store »

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Verve on Third is a whimsical, colorful, and eclectic art gallery located in the historic Berry House in the picturesque town of Geneva, Illinois. provides information and current news about our storefront in Geneva and also our online gallery where you can purchase art from some of our 175 artists. Take a look around and learn more about Verve on Third!